The following is an extract from my next book to be released on February 14th 2021. I am super proud of the book it's becoming and I look forward to sharing this with you. This opening quote is a lovely summary of what to expect.
In this episode I interview Kate Sweatman, Current British Equipped Champion in the 84+kg category (or super heavyweight if that's easier), wife, and mum of a 5yo young man. Former computing professional turned homemaker and now swim teacher. Kate has had many battles with mental health and we touch upon this in this episode but spend more time FOCUSing on how of late has felt more in control and able to address root causes of things in her control.
In this episode I speak to Alex Chan of Physio Central, Hong Kong about all things health with a particular focus on back pain.
A short video on the principles of lifestyle change before diet change.
"I want to lose weight, I want a 6-pack, I want to be able to do a handstand". "I should hit 10000 steps a day, I should go to the gym, I should be intermittent fasting". "I can't do X because of... age, hormones, work, kids, laziness, motivation, cost, time, genetics..." "I won't fail as this time it is different.." I have heard every combination of want's, should's, cant's and wont's from the 300+ people I have worked with over the last 5 years and in every case...
Saturday Sermon on the health industry, why latest is not always the greatest and planning for a happy and healthy future.
If you are in a rush, let's skip to the punch line. The best diet is the one you can stick to consistently that suits your lifestyle and supports your health. But what is that?
A conversation with Michele of Our Conscious Kitchen HK, on facebook and instagram under the same name. This was a great conversation. One important topic that came up was the rephrasing how we look at particular lifestyles and the label of plant based before vegetarian or vegan.
Three tips for eating better than last week: You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please […]

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