Habit 1: Get Ready 

Always be getting ready.

1.Why are you here?

Hand out >> Why?

Start here and watch this video first to understand the change you seek to make. 


2.Life Domains

Hand out >> Life Domains

With so much going on in our life where do we start? Figure out the low hanging fruit


3.What are your Values

Hand Out>> Values & Domains

What are your core values? I encourage you to use the hand out here.

[2mins – workshop snippets]

4.What are your strengths

Take Survey >> VIA

Strengths are what we are good at. Watch this short video and take the free Strengths survey.

[3mins + external survey]

5.Your BFG (North Star)

Hand Out>> na

A short story on your B.F.G. Know where you are going and use it to influence your next decesion.


6 .Connect the dots

Hand Out>> Connect the Dots

An inventory of what needs to be done and how you can best do it (Video walk through – beta)


“Commit” to change

Habitual Courses

Follow the first 3 courses before picking those that align with your LIFE domains*. 

* Watch “1. Get Ready” for this exercise.

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