Habit 3: Reflect

Look back to move forward.


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Reflection is as important as taking action. Without checking in with ourselves we can quickly head off course. Reflection and action go hand in hand. This first video sets the scene for the rest of the short videos on reflection.

{12 mins]

Growth Mindset

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Henry Ford wrote “wether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right. Today we focus on the growth mindset which is very different to positive thinking.

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We are perfectly imperfect.  A focus on what works to support growth in all areas is both empowering and energising. Use your own strengths and do what works 

[15 Mins -talk summary]


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You are what you repeatedly do said Aristotle… he should have added you do what your environment repeatedly makes easy for you. Why your environment matters.

{3 Mins]


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“Everyone” wants us to have more of this, but what actually is it and where does one find it. It’s not as mythical as we would first believe. The building blocks of resilience.

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“Commit” to change

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