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(Taken from “When Life Happens”)

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Some days when you have burnt the toast, your first words have been an argument with someone you love and the news is one depressing story after another, you may justifiably feel Life is working against you. 

In theory you and I know Life does not take sides. The sun rises, it sets  and repeats, but at times when nothing seems to go right, it’s easy to think Life has it in for us. It can seem like there is a plot to screw up everything we work for, no matter what we do. 

So, where do we go from here? 

In our quest to deal with Life, we have three choices: 

1. Fight 

2. Hide 

3. Grow and adapt

Fighting Life is not the answer. When you fight, there is an incessant need to control everything around you to keep all the ‘balls in the air’. You may get some success  but after a while when the balls start falling at your feet, the fighting will only create  suffering. 

Hiding from Life is also not the answer. By not turning up and engaging with the  turmoil of everyday Life, you stand to lose the magic and wonder of interactions; the thrills and excitement of overcoming  challenges; and the stories of the journey that you and I are all on. 

This leads us to option 3, to grow and adapt. It means letting go of what is not in your control and taking positive and purposeful action through reflection, education and momentum in the areas where you do have control. 

This process is neither passive nor aggressive and neither is it accepting or controlling, instead it is the third way – the middle ground. The middle ground is when we actively engage with Life, building the tools, resources and skills to deal with whatever comes our way.  It is like dancing on a razors edge, it can be beautiful but we get cut when we loose focus.

It is not an easy process. Life is not a transaction, it cannot be purchased and it has no app or plugin to instantly make things right. To grow and adapt, you must actively engage in the process and create your own path; discover your own strengths; learn your own values and find your own meaning. 

It is my intention that this book provides you with the necessary support, direction, ideas and guidance but you must be the one to select the parts  that resonate with you and take action on the parts that provide meaning whilst reflecting on what works  for you. While “When Life Happens” will walk alongside you and shine a light on what might be in front of you,  it is you who has to take the steps forward. 

I won’t lie to you and tell you that this book will change your Life overnight because that’s not the way  life and health works. They are not events or 30 day challenges, Life and health are what you engage in each and every day. 

‘When Life Happens’ is the friend, coach and teacher that will remind you of your power to go to a place of inner peace  to create, change and keep moving forward.

If you are not certain about which way is forward, I have written in  considerable detail at the beginning of this book on the process of getting clarity and understanding on where you  want to go. 

‘When Life Happens’ is a guide for times of growth and for times when you need support in finding the right words to understand your situation and  continue to move forward. Like a man drowning at sea when only one life aid is required, use this book to find the one word, phrase or tool that can support you so that when Life happens, you are ready with a smile on your face and a plan to deal with even the roughest of seas.

Christopher Garvey

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